About Us

About Us

Your Trusted Business Consultants

We will go above and beyond to assist you with handling every of your company. Whether you need help with training new employees or improving your operations, we have you covered!

Our Values


We focus on you, so you can turn your attention on your core business competencies.


Morals and ethics are the pillars of our foundation.


We will understand your business so that we can bring you value.


Our team loves working with people and their businesses, and we have fun doing it.


Years of work and life experiences have molded the founders’ ability to weather the litany of ups and downs in life.

A Letter From the CEO

My name is Clint Cheek, I am the CEO of ProxyPay. We are an entrepreneur’s resource. Many times, I have wondered what I want to be when I grow up. Do entrepreneurs ever really know? Do they ever really grow up? We open restaurants, bars, plumbing companies, accounting offices, become attorneys, dentists, insurance agents, open bakeries, and a gazillion other types of businesses. I am no different, I have opened many businesses and tried many different things. All of them have been challenging and some have been successful. None of them have been easy. My life has led me to experience so many things and ultimately to found ProxyPay. Business is about people, the people that are our customers and the people that help us stay in business—our employees. With employees come their families, their personalities, and their needs. Employees need to grow, be paid, and feel satisfied.

Running a business is hard work and it is not for the weak. We must be strong leaders, early risers, attentive to details, kind, patient, and relentless. It can be exhausting. The biggest drain on my mental focus was the bills. Does this sound familiar? When I was an employee, payday always seemed so far away, now I constantly find myself saying “it’s payday AGAIN?” The point is things like paying bills, filing taxes, maintaining insurances, and keeping employees satisfied and

motivated, are a huge part of what we do, not to mention we have a business to run with customers to satisfy. Without customers, we close our doors, then what would we do?

What is success? Is it becoming rich as a business owner? Does being rich mean you are successful? Is it being happy with what you do? Is success making other people happy? Is it putting people through college? Being financially able to support others? Being a leader to others? It means something different to each of us. Your definition of success is just that—your definition. Here is the bigger question: How do you get there? How do you become more successful?

Maybe you are the best salesperson in your business, the best person at your business’ craft or you provide the best service. No one can match YOU. We cannot clone you either. But here is what we can do, we can put you in a position to do what you do best. Imagine if all you had to do was be awesome, you do not have to spend time on taxes, insurance, employee drama, or payroll. All that was automated to make employees happier and to reduce the cost of all of them. No more time sheets, no more calculating PTO or insurance, or waiting months to get your rebate for workers comp. The kind of tools and services the big companies use.

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What We Do

ProxyPay helps people like you who have an entrepreneur mindset. We are business consultants who help owners run their businesses. Our team assists with tasks you either do not have the time or expertise to handle.

We will help you increase employee retention, address HR issues, and create business practices that reduce the time you spend on processes that keep you from becoming truly successful. So, what is stopping you from giving us a call today?

Our Promise to You

At ProxyPay, we will be working closely with you to find areas of your business that could use assistance and improvement. If we cannot help you, we can refer you to someone who can. We will also stay in touch and check in from time to time. It is our goal to provide you with unmatched services.


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ProxyPay has been providing the best customized business consultant services in the industry since 2017. Contact us for customized business services, such as benefits administration as well as human resource services and payroll services.